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Paper: China’s Influence in Latin America in the Brazilian Case (2002-2018)

LabGRIMA researchers published an article in Vestnik RUDN. International Relations, one of the most important Russian journals on international relations.

Charles Pennaforte (coordinator) and Nairana Bones are the authors.

In this paper the authors aim to establish the reasons that led the Chinese state to view Latin America as an important partner between 2002 and 2018 and try to analyse the development of Chinese presence in Latin America and its possible impacts and perspectives in the 21st century in Brazil. For that, both political and economic relations between China and Latin America’s countries, especially the relations between China and Brazil, and their development are examined by using a comparative and historical approach

Pennaforte, C., & Bones, N. K. (2020). China’s Influence in Latin America in the Brazilian Case (2002-2018). Vestnik RUDN. International Relations, 20(2), 395-407. doi: 10.22363/2313-0660-2020-20-2-395-407

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